We relish the idea of helping you create an exceptional brand.

Great design is an art. And we live to practice that art for each and every client. In many cases, this is about understanding brands at a deeper, more detailed level than most people care to consider. We've been known to obsess over color, debate over typefaces, and create layouts a perfectionist might love. Because in the end, it's the details that craft a powerful picture... one that is unique and memorable in the eyes of the market.

Please contact us at any time to learn more about our philosophy and approach.

We're a small, but highly focused team that understands how to use design as a highly effective business tool.

It pays to know the right people. When our clients need skill sets outside of our office, we know who to call. We have an ongoing network of exceptionally talented writers, strategists, artists, photographers, and savvy creative minds. People as obsessed with good design as we are.

Henry Yiu


Creative Director/Principal

Henry’s mission is to create experiences that hit you in the gut—unforgettable and totally desirable. He studied mechanical engineering at Purdue University and fell in love with design at Cornish College of Arts. Combine the disciplines and meet your expert in building complete brand systems.

Henry spent his early career at Hornall Anderson leading projects for Microsoft, Washington Wizards and Starbucks. He’s founded many other entrepreneurial ventures and has been recognized by Communication Arts, How, Graphis and the Graphic Design USA “People to Watch” Issue.

Henry Objectified


Strategy Director

Whether you’re launching or rebranding, Britt helps you deliver experiences that build loyalty and fuel the sales funnel. Her superpower is simplicity. She distills your point of difference to its most powerful essence.

Britt’s 20-year career spans ad agencies, creative firms and in-house for Fortune 500s, community stalwarts and disruptive startups, including Cedar Grove Compost, Corbis, Frito Lay, Green Mountain Coffee, Intel, Knowledge Learning Corporation, Lakeside School, Hershey, Rivet & Sway and Texas Instruments.

Britt Stromberg Britt Objectified


Project Manager

As a producer with 10 years experience managing boutique design studios, Stephanie gets stuff done. She’s earned acclaim for building systems and managing people, processes, budgets and timelines with candor and efficiency.

Stephanie is an adroit manager of digital, print and experiential projects. Past clients include Fortune 500 companies, as well as Los Alamos National Laboratory, Henry Art Gallery, UW Press, Portland Art Museum and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Stephanie Hansen Stephanie Objectified


Lead Designer

Andre can handle any type of project thrown his way (case in point, the Design Fu mural). His strengths are branding, packaging, interactive, poster design and illustration. Andre’s fine-arts skills add analog depth and versatility to our work.

Andre graduated at the top of his class from Cornish College of the Arts. He previously worked in-house at Seattle-based Outdoor Research and for clients like Cornish College of the Arts and Planet Earth Clothing.

Andre Martin Andre Objectified



Jonathan is an interactive experience designer and organizer. From websites to festivals to visual art shows, he’s focused on the interplay of digital and analog and how they create opportunities for people to be on equal footing with a brand in a natural way.

Jonathan has a BFA from Western Washington University and past clients include Designboom, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Starbucks, and the Decibel Festival. He’s also on AIGA Seattle’s Board of Directors.

Jonathan McConnell Jonathan Objectified


Lead Designer

Ariel has two passions, great design and great photography. Highly detail-oriented and constantly learning, Arial excels at design thinking and implementation across mediums to accomplish business goals. And every time she shoots, she scores.

Ariel graduated at the top of her class at Cornish College of the Arts and has worked for clients large and small in business categories from soft drinks to financial technology, including DRY Soda, Microsoft, Clear, Nordstrom, Precor and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ariel Nebeker Ariel Objectified


Thermo-fax Copying Machine, 1958

Model 22
Serial 22aa345558
110 V., AC
60 Cycle
15 Amp.

Made in the USA by Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

Machine and Method Patented
Us Patent Nos. 2,740,895 and 2,740,896

What would we do without her?

The Secretary


Hand Crafted Brands

We have a fondness for tools. When we create sample mockups our tools help us create the closest representation of the finished design.

And its what we use to produce all of our promotions, by hand... yes we are known to go a little overboard.


Whether new or established, every brand needs love. We ensure that your brand gets the vital guidance and attention it needs to succeed.

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